My Friend Danbo


Let me introduce you to the official (or unofficial if I’m violating any copy right laws) mascot to This Is Grief, Danbo!


Now this blog is not sponsored by Amazon, but hey Amazon if you’re interested, call me, I promise it’ll be cheaper than what you just paid for Whole Foods!

Okay now back to the blog.

This little amazon guy is named Danbo.

Now I came across Danbo about a month ago when I was working on a Pecha Kucha style presentation for a work retreat.

I had a first draft of the presentation done but something wasn’t right. I had one picture of Danbo, having no idea who he was and decided “hey lets google this and see if there are more pictures likes this one”

And wouldn’t you know, there were PAGES filled of different pictures, and not just pictures, but they told stories, captured the emotions I was trying to convey. Sometimes life gives you exactly what you’re looking for (thanks Google!)

After the presentation  I just had to know more about this little guy.

Danbo actually had nothing to do with Amazon. He first appeared in a Japanese manga, somehow became an internet meme and well the rest is history.

Danbo is now along for the ride with me and my grief journey and will be helping me tell more of my story.

Stay tuned for more from me and Danbo!

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