The Big D

Welcome to my first post!

I know what you’re probably thinking.  A 20 something writing a blog. Shocker.

Now I am hoping this blog with be different. No I won’t be posting a picture from my Instagram about the organic meal I just had from the local food truck.

I want this blog to be different. To talk about an uncomfortable topic. A topic we are horrible talking about.

I want this blog to be about the “Big D”

No, not that D.


This blog will be about all things death.

And all things grief

Death in the media. In books. In songs.

Death. Death. Death.

Grief. Grief. Grief.

We will cry. We will laugh. We will cry while we laugh.

People in our life will die. We will die.

We need to become friends with death and their friend grief.

We need to stare death in the face and say “I am not afraid of you. I accept you”

We need to invite grief into our lives. Give it a seat at the table.

Join me on this journey.

This is grief.

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